Scripts to ease Scratch2 installation on Ubuntu-based systems.
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# Copyright 2018 - LibreSchool Project <>
# Prepare and install Scratch for distribution.
# Scratch itself is distributable, Adobe AIR is not.
# So we prepare a folder for Scratch, leaving download and accepting of the
# license to the user at first launch of Scratch.
mkdir -p /opt/scratch
cp * /opt/scratch
find /opt/scratch -iname \*.sh -exec chmod +x {} \;
# Gets two different versions of Scratch from the site, links the highest one.
# Scratch 442
wget --no-check-certificates -O /opt/scratch/Scratch-442.air &> /dev/null
# Scratch 456.0.1
wget --no-check-certificates -O /opt/scratch/Scratch-456.0.1.air &> /dev/null
ln -sf /opt/scratch/Scratch-456.0.1.air /opt/scratch/Scratch.air &> /dev/null
desktop-file-install /opt/scratch/Scratch2.desktop